I Strive to make our experience together as seamless and enjoyable as possible.  The cornerstone to all extraordinary relationships is mutual consideration. Below are my commitments to you, and the commitments I desire you to reciprocate. 
I only wish to meet if we are in agreement about our expectations of one another.

My Commitments to You


*All information provided in the verification process is kept in the strictest confidence.

*I do not contact any information that I ask for, but use my own non-invasive approach, to check things out, and then discard.



*All my pictures are of me, and are an accurate representation of my appearance. They have been verified by P411 and various other sites that I use to advertise on.


*I gladly accept wardrobe requests. If I do not have an outfit in my collection I would be happy to accept your requested clothing choice as a gift, and model it for you.

*I highly value our time, and am punctual for session appointments.  I am a great communicator if something ails me from being on time (such as traffic) and will keep you updated.

*I will respond to your correspondence in a timely manner.  If you do not hear from me, it simply means that minimal to no information was given or i found it inappropriate.

*I truly enjoy the connections i make, which will be more that apparent during our time together.

Your Commitments to Me


*My safety is paramount. Therefore, it is crucial for me to verify everyone with whom I  May choose to potentially meet.  My discreet, and painless screening process can be done via my Reservation form or email.
*As I do not offer illegal activities, discussing them will force me to end our correspondence. Any fees mentioned are for my time and companionship only.


*I expect your honesty in the verification process as it is crucial to my safety.


*My Gifts are as listed, and non-negotiable.

*Please respond to confirm your request the morning of by text!

*i want to ensure we can enjoy all our planned time together, so please be on time for our appointment, at least 5-7 minutes early.  Do not show up and wait in the lobby.  Do not call in the lobby.  

*Being well groomed is a must. If you are short on time I provide a shower along with all the toiletries of home.

At no point during our meeting will the consideration fee be discussed. Please place it in plain sight on dresser upon entry, do not attempt to hand to me or acknowledge in any way.

Lastly, always be a gentleman by being kind and respectful.  Sit down, remove your shoes and let's become acquainted.

I take my time seriously as I do yours, but if notice is not given for cancellation, I do require 50% cancellation fee if cancelled 24 hours before the day/time of meeting.  If cancelled under 12 hours, 75% cancellation fee is required.  You will have 6 hours to pay this.  If not paid, I will be required to blacklist you with other ladies for not being courteous.

Like with any friendship, as we become closer over time you will find that spending time with me is never the same experience twice.   As we get to know each other, my desire is that together we will explore new & exciting aspects of one another.  We will always pick up where our last visit left off . . .

Home-based in Virginia (Hampton Roads only)

Honorarium Inter-Vivos

Invite me over...

1 Hour      $400

1.5 Hours  $600

2 Hours    $800

3 Hours    $1200

4 Hours    $1600

8 Hours    $3000

12 Hours   (Full Day)$4000

Home-based in Virginia (Hampton Roads only)  Deposit is mandatory! Cashapp or Paypal only

I host...

1.5 hours  $600 with 25% deposit

2 hours  $800 with 25% deposit

3 hours  $1200 with 25% deposit

Extended Engagements

  • I am happy to spend up to 12 hours per day together, which gives me 8 hours to sleep + 3 hours to get ready in the morning + 1 hour to get ready for bed at night.

  • I will need a separate hotel room for our stay, as I am a light sleeper and a natural introvert who needs some time during the day to myself.

  • I would like to start our day together sometime between 9am-11am.

  • Our trip must last a minimum of of 2 days.

  • My rate for trips is $4000 per day + travel expenses.

  • For me to book a trip together I would need a 50% deposit of my donation.

  • I make my own travel plans.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will be happy to answer them.

Touring Rates

East Coast

I host

hour $400

1.5 hours  $600

2 hours  $800

Invite me over

2 hours  $800

2.5 hours  $1000

3 hours  $1200

Touring Rates Gulf Coast

Established friends

hour $350

1.5 hours  $500

2 hours  $700

New friends

hour  $400

I absolutely love to interact with couples.  I would be honored to enjoy time with you and your significant other.

Hour $800

1.5 hours  $1200

2 hours  $1600