She doesn't have a religion... her faith resides in the stars, the flowers, ocean and in herself...

A true gypsy in every form of the word...

A wanderlust woman who lets the open road take her on a personal journey in this 3rd evolution of life.  Accepting all the beauty of mother earth and the wild father of nature to be my tour guides.

Stargazing through the eyes of my inner child,

delighting in my empathic and highly intuitive capabilities to connect to all walks of life...

Believer of kindness, love and healing.

Let me captivate you.




Mature, grounded in your knowledge of life, sensitive and caring, worldly

I prefer to keep company with gents near my own age or at least a minimum of 35 years of age.  

Willing to respect that safety and discretion is a 2 way street.  I must be able to trust myself with you and you understand that my screening requirements will not be waivered on word alone.

Are the type to enjoy genuine anticipation of 2 genuine souls meeting, instead of having a scripted list of expectations for me.  Expectations are premeditated and for me are not a genuine connection.

If you can fit this bill...then lets proceed!


YOU MUST FILL THIS OUT 100% COMPLETELY.  IF something is left blank, I will automatically delete.  IF you cannot give a reference or a board, then put N/A

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